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Yamaha Magicstomp UB99 MKI Multi Effects Guitar Pedal & Power Supply Used

Yamaha Magicstomp UB99 MKI Multi Effects Guitar Pedal & Power Supply Used


Yamaha Magicstomp UB99 MKI Multi Effects Pedal & Power Supply

This is a Yamaha MagicStomp multi-effects processor Model MKI. The Yamaha MagicStomp features a 24-bit A/D converter for a pristine signal and is equipped with 32-bit DSP engine to deliver intense sonics. Yamaha MagicStomp is loaded with classic Yamaha effects: DG, AG, and UD Stomp programs, as well as SPX sounds and 99 factory/99 user presets. A redesigned interface and USB delivers deep editing access to all parameters. Has stereo outputs and a headphone jack. The Yamaha Magicstomp website offers program uploads and downloads where you can show off your patches and download new ones


Magicstomp has the power to be everything from a single-function stomp box to a fully produced acoustic direct box to a studio-grade multi-effect processor with unlimited deep-editing capabilities. This is the unit you clear your pedal board for.

Award-Winning Sounds

Alongside an impressive array of new voices, the Magicstomp delivers sounds from Yamaha's award-winning DG, AG, and UD line of pedals, as well as effects from our timeless SPX series of processors. In addition to all that effects muscle, Magicstomp delivers mic and speaker simulations, an input that loves both electric and acoustic guitars, a chromatic tuner, and an interactive software-based editor, all in a footprint only slightly larger than the average overdrive pedal.

99 Reasons

The Magicstomp's 99 factory preset sounds can be edited and then stored in any of its 99 user locations, in any order. Assign three patches of your choice to the Magicstomp's heavy-duty footswitches for instant recall. The Magicstomp editor also allows you to allocate any three parameter functions to the top-mounted control knobs (delay time, feedback, and mix, for example), facilitating on-the-fly adjustments - made easy on dark stages by the backlit LCD display.

Serious sonic Horsepower

The key to Magicstomp's power lies under the hood: a 24-bit A/D converter keeps your signal pristine, and a 32-bit DSP engine preserves the integrity of multi-effect chains. Magicstomp brings astounding clarity, punch, and definition to your guitar sound.

As Deep as You Wanna Go

In addition to its built-in programming flexibility, you can easily customize Magicstomp by linking it to your PC or Mac with the included USB cable. Within seconds of installing the editor software, you'll be able to change everything from simple levels to LFO rates and pre-EQing. The intuitive interface makes it easy to go as deep as your ears and imagination will take you.

Magicstomp Online

Magicstomp's power will continue to grow for years. You can update and reconfigure Magicstomp via a constantly evolving database of artist and user patches available at Take advantage of the growing library of presets by artists such as Steve Lukather, Tim Pierce, Michael Herring, Amir Derakh, Adrian Legg, Chris Poland, Jason Slater, Lee Sklar, Allan Holdsworth, Space, Steve Mazur, Mike Sarkisyan, Michael Anthony, and more. Got sounds to share? Upload 'em. Curious what your neighbors are doing with their Magicstomp? Download patches from the Magicstomp community.

Flexible creativity - a Yamaha tradition - lives on in Magicstomp. With award-winning amp tones, powerful effects, and simple programmability, you're free to flex your creative muscle where it counts - on stage and in the studio.

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