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TWA Fly Boys FB-01 Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

TWA Fly Boys FB-01 Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal


Get your wings with the TWA FLY BOYS mini pedal collection! Great sounding, ultra-compact and super-affordable, FLY BOYS offer up boutique tone and features at a fraction of the boutique price!

TWA FLY BOYS feature a lightweight, extruded aluminum chassis that' the perfect size for crowded pedal boards or long-distance travel gigs. Quality components and a bullet-proof construction assure reliable performance while True Bypass switching keeps your tone clean and clear.

With plenty of gain and near-endless sustain, the FB-01 provides a warm, silky smooth response that makes notes jump off the fretboard with energetic ease.

More than just a shred machine, the FB-01 responds effortlessly to playing dynamics and can create a colorful palette of semi-saturated tones just by adjusting your guitar' volume.

The FB-01 captures all the grit and grandeur of a classic tube stack and serves it up in a pedal that™ll fit in your gig bag!

  • Modeled after the tight, focused distortion of the Marshall JCM800
  • Responsive to playing dynamics

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