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T-Rex Engineering Fuel Tank Juicy Lucy Power Supply

T-Rex Engineering Fuel Tank Juicy Lucy Power Supply


Juicy Lucy is the latest member of T-Rex's family of FuelTank power supplies. It has 5 isolated 12-volt outputs and a full set of standard and customized power cables. FuelTank Juicy Lucy will power every T-Rex pedal you own - and then some. Juicy Lucy has been tested in a lab and has all the approvals you need.

More power
Each of Juicy Lucy's 5 isolated outputs delivers 300 mA of 12-volt power - which is enough to keep even the most demanding T-Rex pedals pumping out the tone. But what if a pedal - say our tube-driven Room Mate reverb - wants even more power to deliver its exquisite sound? Juicy Lucy is happy to oblige - with a Current Doubler that lets you combine 2 outputs to deliver a staggering 600 mA of power. Like everything we make, Juicy Lucy is built from the ground up to deliver the tone - your tone.

Cables galore
Juicy Lucy comes with all the cables you need to power your pedals and keep your board clutter-free. You get 5 short cables (25 cm) and 5 long ones (50 cm), as well as 2 customised cables that let you get even more out of your power supply. A special Current Doubler cable lets you combine 2 outputs to generate a staggering 600 mA of 12-volt power, while the link cables lets you power up to 5 60-mA pedals off a single Juicy Lucy output.

Did we mention isolated outputs?
Yes we did - and for a good reason. Isolated grounding eliminates ground loops that can result in noisy hum that gets in the way of your T-Rex tone. So Juicy Lucy not only delivers lots of power, it also makes sure that power is clean and quiet. And that means you sound more like you - with no hum or electrical interference.

- 5 isolated outputs (300 mA each)

- 5 x 25 cm cables

- 5 x 50 cm cables

- 1 x Current Doubler (600 mA total)

- 1 x Link cable

- Voltage selector, 115/230 colts

Listen up there is a lesson to learn!

When you want to power your pedal from the FuelTank JuicyLucy or any other power supply, there are two things you need to know:

1. What voltage does your pedal accept to be driven?

You need to find this information in the pedal users manual or on the pedal. Most pedals today accept 9 or 12 volt. Some need 18 volt. If there is a battery container in the pedal it usually just needs 9 volt, but often it also accepts 12 volt.

All T-Rex pedals can run on 12 volt. Some (the ones with battery container) can also run on 9 volt. But they accept any voltage between 9 and 12 volt.

If your pedal get's less than the voltage it needs, there is no danger. It will not break or burn. It just sounds different or says nothing at all. Some musicians even use old batteries, that gives less power and therefore the pedal gives another sound - which they like.

If your pedal get's more voltage than it needs, there is danger that the pedal will break or even burn. If you are lucky, it will have a fuse inside (to be replaced), but most pedals don't.

2. How much power does your pedal consume?

You need to find this information in the pedal users manual or on the pedal in terms of a sticker, if you are lucky. If your pedal has a battery container, it usually consumes very little power, like 20 - 40 mA. If your pedal comes with an adapter, it consumes a lot more power. That can vary from 100 mA to 1.200 mA, or even more.

Now you are ready to buy and connect your pedal(s) to a power supply.

If your pedal(s) accept 12 volt DC, you have come to the right place, FuelTank JuicyLucy. This is the power supply that we use in T-Rex, because all T-Rex pedals accept 12 volt DC. Just connect the pedal to one of the outputs on the JuicyLucy.

If you have more pedals that accept 12 volt and together uses less than 300 mA, you can run them all from one output on the Fueltank JuicyLucy - by using the link cable. One end of the link cable goes in one of the outputs on the FuelTank JuicyLucy. The other plugs on the link cable goes into the pedals one by one. The order is irrelevant.

If you have a pedal that accepts 12 volt, but consumes more than 300 mA (like the T-Rex Room-Mate). You need to use the green current doubler cable, that comes with the JuicyLucy. This cables goes from two outputs on the JuicyLucy to one input on your pedal.

If your pedal(s) only accepts 9 volt. You cannot use the FuelTank JuicyLucy. You need the FuelTank Junior.

If you have a pedal that only accepts 18 volt, you cannot use the JuicyLucy. You need the FuelTank Junior and the yellow voltage doubler cable that comes with the Junior - if your pedal consumes less than 120 mA, else you cannot use the Junior.

If you have a pedal that needs AC voltage, you cannot use the JuicyLucy. You need to use the FuelTank Classic. It gives 12 volt AC - among other things.

Please note that a lot of 9 volt pedals on the market accepts 12 volt. Lot's of people are not aware of this, because they usually juts use a 9 volt battery to drive the pedal or a 9 volt power supply.

Please note that all FuelTanks and all T-Rex pedals have minus as center, which is normal on the market. That means the center pin in the DC plugs. Very few pedals use the opposite: Center pin is positive. If you have a twisted pedal like that, you need to find a changer cable somewhere on the market, if you want to use a normal power supply, that has minus as center.

Please note the power distributors on the market. People and manufacturers call them power supplies, even though they are not. They don't have a transformer core inside. They are usually feeded by an adapter and the power is then just distributed in the box to more output plugs - sometimes in different voltage. Often all outputs share the same ground, which can give noise.

T-Rex FuelTanks are all real power supplies with real transfomers inside, developed in Denmark and produced by a Danish transformer company, that works together with T-Rex.

Good luck!

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