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Korg X50 61-Key Music Synthesizer Keyboard Synth

Korg X50 61-Key Music Synthesizer Keyboard Synth


This is a Korg X50 61-Key Music Synthesizer Keyboard Synth in perfect working order with power supply.


Every synth player wants to sound heavy, but no one wants to actually deal with a heavy instrument. Sometimes, it seems like only drummers have it worse than keyboardists when it comes to gig-time. Unless you're packing a Korg X50, that is. It sounds every bit as impressive as the Triton from which its sounds were derived, yet it's compact and lightweight enough to carry under one arm, even on public transportation! And the X50 sacrifices neither fidelity nor playability for its radically portable design. This is a truly professional synth with some impressively deep editing options, classic and modern Korg sounds, and fool-proof performance usability.

Heavy Korg Tones You Carry One-Handed
This lightweight keyboard was made for gigging. Although the X50 packs impressive sounds and expressive power behind its 61-key synth-action keybed, it weighs under ten pounds. And thanks to the integrated side handles, it's easy to tote around. Tired of lugging your 60-pound-plus workstation synth to gigs, only to use a few patches? Grab yourself a Korg X50 and give your lower back a break.

Light In Weight, Not In Sound
The 512 included programs are derived from Korg's Triton series' sound engine. Translation: it may be effortlessly portable, but it's also effortlessly powerful. From thick, pulsing basses to rich pads to funky, arpeggiated leads, the X50 brings tons of legit synth tones to the table without wading through endless menus or nonsensical numerical keypad interfaces. A big LCD display and bank selection matrix make it easy to browse and quickly locate an appropriate sound for any situation. Once you've got a sound loaded up, the four real-time parameter control knobs make that sound even more dynamic, as do the pitch-bend and modulation wheels. In Combi mode, you can easily combine up to eight programs in a single preset for radically complex sounds and sequences. Also cool in Combi mode: dual arpeggiators. With two simultaneous arpeggiators, your X50 can sound like a multi-tiered keyboard rig, with two harmonically-rich patterns playing against one another. Use one arpeggiator to trigger a percussion sequence while the other churns out a rhythmic melody on top of it. Add to these features a rich four-processor effects section, and you've got one impressive noise-maker.

Individual Audio Outputs -- Plus USB Connectivity
Check out the slew of ports on the back of the X50, along with their helpful labels on the top of the front panel. You'll see not just the standard left and right 1/4-inch audio outputs, but two "Individual Outputs." Now, imagine you're playing a gig with your X50 and you've split the keyboard into a synth bass on the left hand, and an electric piano on the right. Wouldn't the venue's sound guy love it if you could send him dedicated stereo channels for each of those? Now you can -- and the band can control how much bass vs. piano they have in their monitors. This is a feature rarely seen in keyboards under $1000, yet it's built into the Korg X50. The X50 becomes even more impressive when connected to your Mac or PC with a USB cable. Included patch editing software lets you really get under the hood and start crafting your own custom patches, combinations, and arpeggio patterns. These parameters are all accessible through your DAW environment as well: set the X50 to Multi mode and you can even play it right from your software sequencer. It works the other way around, too, so if you're used to jamming on the fast-action keys, you'll be happy to know you can use them to control your DAW's virtual synths and sample players as well.

- 9-pound, ultra-portable, ultra-compact design with handy side handles
- 61-key velocity-sensitive, synth-action keyboard
- 512 Programs and 384 Combinations with Audition function to easily navigate sounds
- Combine up to eight Programs in your own Combinations
- Sound engine derived from Korg's classic Triton series
- 62-voice polyphony
- Dual polyphonic arpeggiators
- Layer up to four studio-quality effects at a time
- Bundled Librarian software -- edit programs in depth
- USB MIDI interface for your DAW or home studio
- First-in-class four-channel 1/4-inch audio outputs
Power Supply:DC 12V (Included)

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